red herring là gì

Specification is a red herring, and the theory of the global array is a (probably inadequate) solution lớn a non-problem.

In other words, popular consensus, or a shared moral universe, may be something of a red herring.

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Citing spiders (or bees) is simply a red herring.

This reference lớn history is a red herring.

This whole debate, in fact, seems lượt thích a red herring.

But it proves lớn be a red herring.

Frankly, we think this notion is nothing but a red herring that detracts from the problem at hand.

As with any red herring, if we are lớn succeed in solving the puzzle correctly we must resist the temptation lớn fish for it.

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Indeed, language may be a red herring, distracting us from the intriguing question of the nature of apes' social interactions.

In fact, the "identity" issue is a red herring.

What they undoubtedly left behind was a large red herring obstructing the path of miễn phí communication - and a legacy of self-righteousness, guilt and prejudice.

This, of course, is simply another red herring because the translations will stand or fall on their accuracy, not on who made them.

Overcompensation by plants: herbivore optimization or red herring?

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If he had, he would know that he has just raised a red herring.

That is a complete red herring, and a completely unnecessary detraction from the debate.

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