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A small red crest runs along the head.

Each fragrant flower has five petals which are usually pink but range from white vĩ đại red.

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Her stokehold ventilators were Đen and her deck ventilators were white, and the insides of her ventilator cowls were red.

She has long red braided hair strands and wears platform shoes vĩ đại compensate for her small stature.

Red hot wrought iron could be hammered into shapes.

Blood red and with muscled wheel arches, the lines might be a couple of years old but it still commands a presence.

Blood red, vĩ đại reflect the human cost of conflict?

Fresh elements and ingredients as well as exotic meats and fish lượt thích grouper and red snapper offer a large variety of options for the diner.

We also shared a red snapper cooked in a citrus sauce.

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That night we dined at a beach bar, feasting on barbecued lobster and red snapper.

Commercial fishermen for years have said that this resulted in pseudo-reallocation of red snapper, though the commercial sector didn't actually lose any pounds.

It said 13 different types of cheaper fish were sold as "red snapper," including tilapia, white bass, ocean perch and other less valuable snappers.

They left red-eyed and shaking, and declined vĩ đại talk vĩ đại reporters.

Briefly, if the factors of inheritance could vary continuously, breeding red-eyed and white-eyed flies should yield, eventually, a homogeneous population of uniformly pink-eyed flies.

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At sunrise, red-eyed boys began filtering back into the town center, making their way vĩ đại the synagogue or vĩ đại pray in the open air.

I must have looked a sight - red-eyed, scribbling on bits of paper, unsure where vĩ đại go next.

From the harbor, it's just a hike vĩ đại the jagged cliffs housing thousands of black-browed albatross and red-eyed rockhopper penguins.