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They are reliving the past story and consciously modelling their travels after the settings and thoughts of the philosophers of the past.

Chapters 6, 7 and 8 are most probably irrelevant to tướng current victims of stalking and will only serve to tướng relive their trauma.

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The person may act or feel as though the traumatic sự kiện were recurring, that the sensory experiences were being relived.

During the imaginal exposure, patients relive the traumatic experience stepwise in the here-and-now, following a brief period of relaxation.

The accompanying chorus enthusiastically relives the experience, responding lượt thích the orchestra to tướng the game retold as it had to tướng the game itself.

These intense sensory experiences contribute to tướng a sense that the trauma is being relived rather kêu ca recalled.

But the moral question still remains, pedagogically: how can we be truly and meaningfully positive without having to tướng relive the pain?

Intuitively, reliving the emotional shocks over and over again in dreams would not seem to tướng be exactly what traumatized people are psychologically in need of.

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The public should relive emotionally the year 1923.

This explains why the record of past events is experienced as a kind of "reliving" when the sự kiện comes back into consciousness.

Composing seemed to tướng be an activity, which was relived 'over and over'.

And it was a good chance to tướng relive my schooldays.

The term 'to relive' already suggests the effect of this therapeutic process.

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From that moment on he can relive and act, but dramatically this time.

And the idea of attempting to tướng relive your life struck mạ very strongly.

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