remediation là gì

Ideally the ultimate goal of any remediation effort will be to lớn reduce the concentrations of contaminants at the site to lớn those befitting a pristine ecosystem.

There is also a need for universal guidelines for monitoring remediation success specifically in the cold regions.

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Similarly, simple venial mistakes or lapses in professionalism may be distinguished from those egregiously unprofessional behaviors that warrant serious remediation or dismissal.

This finding, which requires replication, suggests that maternal sensitivity to lớn a child's specific emotional needs is associated with short-term remediation of conduct problems.

In the case of contaminant remediation, there is essentially the opposite situation: large need and far too little research and development.

These findings help narrow the tìm kiếm for targets for cognitive remediation that may have implications for improving community functioning.

Factors governing the effective remediation of negative affect and its cognitive and behavioural consequences.

By contrast two other psychological treatments, social skills training and cognitive remediation, have failed to lớn show evidence of benefit in controlled trials.

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This resulted in a program for the monitoring and remediation of hydrocarbon contamination in freezing ground at the former base site.

Here, we describe briefly contemporary procedures for the remediation and prevention of problematic behavior.

It is used in soil remediation and prevention of moisture penetration in underground structures.

Repeated reading may be a viable remediation technique for dysfluent readers because of the need for more repetitions.

Canadian regulations require characterisation and monitoring of all consortia used for bioaugmentation in environmental remediation.

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Failure to lớn remediate or sell sites would result in forefeiture and local agencies would use the money to lớn finance remediation.

Given the large quantity of petroleum-contaminated soil present, remediation processes that can be carried out in situ are likely to lớn be the preferable clean-up options.

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