reputable là gì

She starts writing lớn less reputable publishers in other parts of the country.

This was also the period during which polling was becoming more frequent and reputable.

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It is already in print in one reputable journal and will appear in print in at leastfiveother places within half a year.

The notion of a doubly linked consonant sharing a mora with a preceding vowel has reputable precursors.

If they are reputable speakers, the khuông does not become stigmatized and it may turn up in dictionary entries with labels lượt thích 'increasingly used'.

Is the information given in this trang web based on proven, reputable studies?

The other two options were tried in pre-testing and found that the reputable charitable organization was the most acceptable payment vehicle.

Although many reputable groups are scrupulous about avoiding any strings that might be attached lớn industry funding, not all are sánh fastidious.

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Such language implies that there are situations where the presumption on the use of artificial nutrition and hydration is reputable.

A degree course in a reputable university was seen lớn provide that.

In the medical and more reputable business community, anti-aging medicine means early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related diseases.

Second, these studies were accepted by reputable opinion leaders.

This decreased reputation can in turn affect the utility the agent obtains, through increased decommitment penalties or competition from more reputable peers.

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Either way, it is surprising in a book put out by a reputable academic publisher.

Reputable, manipulative, or simply lucky individuals found that working within these divisions could be key lớn survival.

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