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For the sake of quality standards and efficiency, generic plans of care are formulated for patients that are not responsive vĩ đại individual circumstances.

Governments that are responsive are generally more legitimate than vãn those that vì thế not, and should experience less instability, all other things being equal, of course.

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However, these heavier, less responsive particles size streaks with a smaller angle of inclination in the braids.

We find that within farms, land allocation is responsive vĩ đại relative crop prices and yields.

This is sánh, whether that work is seen, variously, as responsive, pro-active, collaborative and experimental or as eccentric, tangental and obscure.

Parliament has become highly responsive vĩ đại events that appear in the news.

Again, these policies had vĩ đại be responsive vĩ đại variations in customer demand and the changing constraints placed on the plants producing the products.

A justification responsive vĩ đại the parochialism objection is nowhere vĩ đại be found in the texts of the conventions that list putative human rights.

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Several critics have noted that the novel seems responsive vĩ đại the climate in which psychic investigations are beginning vĩ đại take place.

The researcher-curiosity process is a standard research funding process in which the funding is responsive vĩ đại research suggested by research teams.

This size of behaviour requires that a subsystem participant is not responsive vĩ đại the past policy preferences of other participants.

Thus, rate responsive ventricular pacemakers seem vĩ đại adequately respond vĩ đại the daily life physiological needs of this selected group of children requiring permanent pacing.

In lateral thalamus, cells responsive vĩ đại painful stimuli are located in the core area and in the postero-inferior area.

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Note, however, the sense in which the judge's decision is responsive vĩ đại the par ticipation of the (losing) defendant as well.

Disease-specific instruments vì thế not allow these comparisons, but may be more clinically meaningful and more responsive.

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