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It will be argued that multilingual education can only be successful if language teaching in general is restructured and oriented towards multilingual norms.

Words that are encountered many times or acquired early are more likely đồ sộ become restructured kêu ca their rarer or later counterparts.

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Recordings of older music can be restructured into new works đồ sộ produce deliberate musical commentary on our past.

It then restructures the nested relation into a database of entries with associated organisms.

Options include changing the patient mix, reducing waste, reducing or eliminating nonessential functions, reducing capital expenditures, reducing or restructuring staff, or reducing salaries.

Indeed, the transition đồ sộ corporatist arrangements is relatively advanced within a sector which has been forced đồ sộ restructure in significant ways.

To be understandable, the latter phrase has đồ sộ be restructured into information systems which are used for managing public supply chains.

Businesses were encouraged đồ sộ steer their employees into more restrictive health plans by mandate and through restructuring their financial incentives.

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The new emotion restructured the relationships between physiological and psychological for ms of knowledge, and purged the physiological laboratory of affect.

Such actions both restructure discourse and coercively alter the social relations in which discourse is situated.

Over the years the government has attempted đồ sộ restructure or replace these self-governing institutions.

Routine experience was also đồ sộ be restructured in such a way as đồ sộ make individual tenure acceptable.

The financial inducement is clearly intended đồ sộ produce exits from employment in order đồ sộ restructure the workforce.

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Again there is officially no break-off criterion, but as with the sentence understanding tasks we did use a break-off criterion on the restructured task.

Likewise, the restructuring phase might reflect the emergence of the prosodic tên miền of phrasal stress.

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