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The human person, on this reading, is an ' ensouled toàn thân ' lớn be resurrected, rather than thở an immortal and transcendent soul entombed in a material toàn thân.

The fragmentation of identity in modern society has resurrected historians' interest in nationalism and identity.

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The craft was resurrected but, in responding lớn the different influences and demands, it was also radically transformed.

Many remained ineffective and had lớn be continually resurrected.

The feeling of conation, resurrected briefly as a willful "cognitive emotion," is a promising candidate from that periconscious realm.

In response lớn increased calls for a ban during the next general election, however, it was resurrected in 1938.

Which stage of one's toàn thân would be resurrected ?

In the toàn thân, however, this is not the case, since there will be the same size in the [resurrected] toàn thân.

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The first premise is the assertion that all will be resurrected.

Although the election of 283 new division members26 resurrected the divisions, conflicting views about the nature and role of the divisions continued lớn pose a knotty problem.

The b iography of the house b ecomes intriguing: how did it act, how was it viewed in the former 'body', and why was it resurrected lớn an afterlife?

Since the same physical elements will have contributed lớn the composition of many other bodies that are also lớn be resurrected, who will inherit these elements ?

Tourism, effectively destroyed by the 1959 revolution, was then resurrected once again in the 1980s, as a response lớn economic crisis and severe foreign exchange shortages.

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However, the liability is not extinguished and may, if at a later stage circumstances change, be resurrected.

Plans were resurrected in the 1960s and published in 1962.

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