resurrection là gì

The opposite of resurrection is of course death.

However, this new brand is completely unrelated and not a resurrection of the old brand.

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These crosses represent resurrection through its various symbolisms.

After a resurrection in 2003 the club took part in a lower level of the state championship and got close to lớn promotion.

The cause of his resurrection from the dead has not been revealed.

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Then when mankind is resurrected from their graves, you shall see the eyes of the disbelievers fixedly stare in horror.

John organises a group and manages to lớn resurrect the boy.

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It was disbanded after the war and resurrected in the same role from 1951 to lớn 1958.

That role resurrected her career; she was no longer the girl-next-door, but had reinvented her image into someone more approachable an ajumma.

The tiệc nhỏ was resurrected for the 1992 elections, but received just 97 votes and failed to lớn win a seat.