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However, retaliation against implicit environmental subsidies is not permitted under these rules.

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She does have a point when she stresses that 'the flexibility built into the original "massive retaliation" doctrine' (p. 272) was soon forgotten.

After such incidents, a wife is usually able to tát exercise greater autonomy without having to tát fear her husband's retaliation.

In retaliation, the vine growers phối fire to tát the merchants' warehouses, occupied thành phố halls, and organized demonstrations.

There was no electoral retaliation at the congressional level either.

Optimal tariffs are difficult to tát implement in practice, given the possibility of retaliation and the inefficiencies in disbursing the collected tariffs.

Even if the plaintiff state retaliates at the kết thúc of the dispute, the effects of retaliation will most likely fall on other industries.

That is, the aggressive boys retaliated aggressively, and the nonaggressive boys withheld any retaliation.

The takeover of fields under the provisions of the new law led to tát bitter recriminations, divorces (as retaliations against family groups) and other conflicts.

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Punishment is invariably costly to tát those who administer it, and hence, is altruistic, because it takes time and energy and invites retaliation.

Resistance and protest in response to tát being thwarted predate retaliation, but all occur in the first year.

Results suggest that such programs might focus on adolescents' means-based judgments of the justifiability of aggressive behaviors and retaliation.

There was a clash between two military needs-the need for retaliation and the long-term need for defensive arms.

These works, known as zarzuelas costumbristas, were understood as a sườn of nationalist retaliation against foreign influence.

Any retaliation we now engage in he assumes would be gratuitous cruelty.

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