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This, not the author's revocation, is the only thing that could truly lead vĩ đại an annihilation of the book.

The psychological and moral dimensions become even clearer when we look at the way in which women's lawyers try vĩ đại prevent repudiation (or revocation).

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Our concern here is how this revocation is vĩ đại be taken.

In the second case, the emphasis is placed on a more arduous process of informed revocation in order vĩ đại discontinue the research protocol.

For example, a physician as plaintiff vĩ đại license revocation, or a patient as plaintiff vĩ đại a physician who concluded decisional capacity without two other consultants?

The revocation is one view - that of a ' humorist ' - on how the text can be read.

It was merely provided that parliament had the option of petitioning for their revocation.

In the first case, the emphasis is placed on an ease of revocation after a very arduous process of informed consent.

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The revocation of informed consent may be more appropriate with risks of continued participation and no benefit vĩ đại the particular subject.

This was the first of only two orders ever issued under this regulation before its revocation in 1951.

He gives two reasons for not reading the revocation as containing ' instructions ' vĩ đại the reader.

One relates vĩ đại his choice vĩ đại become a physicist; another, his decision vĩ đại give up being a physicist; the third pertains vĩ đại the revocation of his security clearance.

The hurt and suffering he endured as a result of the revocation of his clearance was movingly conveyed in talks he gave in the fall of 1954.

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These considerations should be addressed during the development of the protocol and contained in consent forms even at the risk of implanting the idea of revocation with the subject.

In developing a research protocol, careful trương mục needs vĩ đại be taken of obligations of the subject vĩ đại the research and the mechanism for revocation of consent.

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