ring là gì

There are no holds barred and elimination occurs when a wrestler is thrown out of the ring.

They have sensors that detect other active transport rings in an area.

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Power rings are able to tát give off electromagnetic radiation of various frequencies.

This is called a ring laser or ring laser gyroscope.

At one point, this người yêu thích had to tát be escorted from the building after entering the ring and using the house microphone to tát taunt the wrestlers.

Meanwhile, recent reports suggest that the border's current openness is being exploited by human traffickers and drug smuggling rings.

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She commended the work of police officers who worked hard to tát stop a smuggling ring.

It is alleged the smuggling ring was trying to tát avoid paying $2.7 million in tax.

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They were again relied upon to tát bởi the leg work for the detail and were instrumental in placing satellite tracking devices on vehicles involved in the dock smuggling ring.

China's most-wanted fugitive, who allegedly masterminded a multi-billion pound smuggling ring, is to tát be deported back to tát face charges after 12 years on the run rẩy.

If the mucus remains inside the tumor cell, it pushes the nucleus at the periphery - signet-ring cell.