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According to lớn the diagram, the number of…rose sharply between…and…, before plunging back down to lớn its original level.

Như hoàn toàn có thể thấy vô biểu đồ dùng, số/lượng... tăng thời gian nhanh kể từ... cho tới... tiếp sau đó tụt mạnh và cù quay về nấc thuở đầu.

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Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

They include a rose garden, crape myrtle garden, sensory garden, and children's forest.

The west facade is decorated by a large rose window above the main entrance.

He attached a studio to lớn the house and planted many gardens of flowers, eternally frustrated that his roses would never grow quite right.

This band covered a wooden bulwark built of solid cedar, which rose 18in centimet above the deck and measured 4.5ft m in depth.

It is sparsely decorated, but at its centre is a rose window, although without any size of stained-glass decoration.

Its base is flanked by 28 buttresses, or small towers, rising from the ring girder for tư vấn.

The western shore is guarded by the steep ramparts of sedimentary rock that rise abruptly out of the brackish waters.

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The craft soon rises up out of the ground.

Throughout his first year in office, unemployment continued to lớn rise and with it government expenditure on welfare.

At the rear and containing the courtyards where patients exercised and took the air, the walls rose to lớn 14 ft high.

I walk from a lane where dog-rose is still in brief, frail bloom, take a skittery path past a plethora of official do-not signs, and investigate what's happening up there.


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