rummage là gì

The chapters overlap and interrelate and readers in tìm kiếm of particular information will have đồ sộ rummage.

And you can climb inside that head and rummage around, if he or she will let you.

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Anyway, in those days all nature, all human life seemed đồ sộ us đồ sộ be rather clear, and we looked condescendingly upon physicists, chemists, and utilitarians, who rummaged in course matter.

He rummaged in the drawers at the lab and found the strongest possible compound, which happened đồ sộ be chlorpromazine which they then wrote up in a paper in 1952.

He told us about rummage sales and so sánh on.

I saw something else, perhaps the most distressing experience of all—women fighting at rummage sales for the opportunity of purchasing other people's discarded clothes.

That requires considerable effort đồ sộ rummage through the waste, but it is worth it.

The policeman comes in and rummages his house, looking through everything that is there.

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For instance, if the police are looking for stolen Clip recorders, they cannot go rummaging through correspondence and documents.

I have no doubt that as further dusty archives are rummaged it will not be long before 60 will be an understatement.

The power which is given here is đồ sộ rummage.

That saved us rummaging on the floor in the piles of paperwork đồ sộ find the relevant document.

If a police officer applies for a warrant and finds no evidence, but rummaging through the papers finds evidence of something else, is he entitled đồ sộ use that evidence?

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First of all, we are đồ sộ rummage the mails.

As one goes round a building, it should not be necessary đồ sộ have a guide or đồ sộ have đồ sộ rummage in a book for information, particularly in relation đồ sộ architecture.

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