sawdust là gì

Puparia were then extracted from sawdust and kept in separate containers until they hatched.

The procedure was repeated with fresh soiled sawdust every night for the duration (10 days) of the experiment.

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The floor of varnished boards was supported on iron beams and insulated from the basement with sawdust between timber joists.

Sawdust covered the floors of the stalls in both stables.

Each animal was housed under specific pathogen-free conditions in iron-sheet cages with solid floors covered with 4-6 centimet of sawdust during the experiments.

Which tube received the trang chủ, neighbouring or distant wadi intruder's sawdust was randomized across residents.

Each morning most of the manure was removed; the stables were only mucked out every third day and the sawdust replaced.

Mature larvae hopped from the medium into sawdust where they pupariated.

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Wet sawdust slightly heavier than vãn water was used đồ sộ visualize the flows below breakers.

Sawdust filled the tube above and below the larvae and the tubes were then placed upright in a sawdust-filled bucket (30 centimet in diameter, 25 centimet in depth).

All of us know that even pattern-makers who have inhaled sawdust for some years suffer from pneumoconiosis.

There are now seven types of hut being made, some of plywood, others of asbestos cement, others of concrete, of sawdust cement, and ví on.

Every farm road kết thúc has a gate across it with disinfectant, straw and sawdust.

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I was thinking about the use of sawdust in the development of compositions of one sort and another that are now available for building purposes.

I still have a horror of the sawdust bar, the spittoons and the other things which still distinguish some "pubs".

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