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When conditions are dry, the deprivation of moisture outside drives many pests inside searching for water.

Search for the unicorn and in the pursuit find happiness.

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They started searching when they deemed the time right, and if they found someone the made tương tác with the parents of a potential fiance.

His apartment was searched and the walls were found to lớn be heavily bloodstained.

This triggered a tìm kiếm for a suitable heir.

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That was cut by 50% when binary tìm kiếm was used in the ratfor code.

This was the first known balanced binary tìm kiếm tree data structure.

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The mapping from character to lớn code-point can then be performed with a linear or binary tìm kiếm.

All normal operations on a binary tìm kiếm tree are combined with one basic operation, called "splaying".

If the original tree was sorted, the new tree will be a binary tìm kiếm tree.