secondment là gì

Such training may take the size of secondments, which may last for up to lớn 6 months, or focused workshops.

Many contributions are also received in kind, such as through secondment of scientific staff, equipment donations, and use of facilities and experiment stations.

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The method may be learnt quickly on secondment to lớn a unit specialising in adult cardiology or respirology.

Information on secondments to lớn complaints and discipline departments and on employment of non-police staff is not available.

Some 60 members of the staff who are employed either tempor- arily or on secondment have such experience.

That seems to lớn mạ to lớn highlight the absurdity of the current situation, whether you play it with secondment, collaboration or joint training.

Paragraph (b) of the amendment refers to lớn disagreement about the secondment of officers.

So far, we have had 28 applications for secondment, all of which have been approved.

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Everybody would benefit from that, but the constant block is the consequence for pensions, and only secondment is possible.

Applications for voluntary early retirement were received from 171 staff on secondment to lớn training and enterprise councils.

An additional £40,000 was provided in 1990–91 to lớn tư vấn the secondment of our senior lecturers.

None is on secondment from an outside organisation.

The transfer-ability of pensions is crucial in any system of secondment or two-way movement of this kind.

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Would she consider getting some secondment from industry?

It has also provided the trust with a thành viên of staff on secondment for two years.

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