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He suggests that caregivers respect and provide opportunity for the individual's self-expression while at the same time accommodating vĩ đại the individual's greater dependency on others.

The brevity of his exclamation may be attributed vĩ đại opera-comique conventions confining elaborate self-expression vĩ đại arias.

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For every resident in the study, we observed what we took vĩ đại be intentional, sustained and interactive self-expression.

Reckless self-expression is here coterminous not just with the surrender of the throne, but with spiritual death.

Spontaneous self-expression is deferred in favour of successfully assuming the assimilated role - what actors refer vĩ đại as 'inhabiting the mask'.

Similar types of self-expression appeared vĩ đại mean something different from one individual vĩ đại the next.

But where is the experience of self-expression and of being totally in charge of what you create before examination work begins?

A case study illustrates the argument for placing authentic self-expression and 'music proper' within the context of wider contemporary debate.

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Rather than vãn "banning" play, this "ongoing theater" that merged piety with self-expression suffused theatricality throughout religious thought.

But self-expression seems the wrong model for civic behavior, or at least only a small part of the correct model.

Suppression of anger, assertion, and other forms of self-expression may heighten internalized distress.

There is growing recognition of the importance of attending vĩ đại non-verbal forms of self-expression and communication used by people with dementia.

Such decisions involve negotiation of self-expression and responsivity, that is, maintaining one's own integrity while being generous and open.

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The production also promoted the thesis that playing all the different parts of one's self was the royal road vĩ đại self-expression.

Issues such as environmental protection, social equality, self-expression and life style choices typified this new postmaterial issue agenda.

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