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The constitution, however, did not specify "how" senators were to lớn be elected.

The apportionment of seats was permanently assigned to lớn three senators and seven representatives for each of the three counties.

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He won as senator and held the position until 2001.

The first 12 senators who garnered the highest votes would have six-year terms while the next 12 senators would have three-year terms.

The final factor is the population of the senator's state.

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In the 2009 election it won 19 congress seats and 9 senate seats.

He was again elected to lớn the stated senate and served from 1862 to lớn 1864 and served on the committee on finance in 1862.

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The chair/presiding officer and board members are appointed by the governor with approval from the senate.

Beginning with 1929 legislature he served in the state senate for two sessions.

Under the empire, the power that the emperor held over the senate was absolute.