shipwreck là gì

If we simply close our eyes and continue, we shall be shipwrecked and miss out on a great historic opportunity.

Environmental threats such as shipwrecks on the sea bed and the remains of military ammunition and chemical weaponry are also of considerable significance.

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They always hoped that it would be shipwrecked on the initial difficulties of launching.

Had that not been the case, the shipwreck's disastrous effects would have been appalling.

There was, of course, a reason or excuse for this acquisition, which was that our sailors, when shipwrecked, had been maltreated.

Today, fortunately, modern technology can substantially reduce the danger, the uncomfortable conditions, accidents and shipwrecks.

In the accident barometer measured against the gauge of shipwrecks the traditional mercury has been replaced by oil or residual acid.

Unfortunately the world is awash with lost opportunities, with shipwrecked good ideas.

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Every suggestion would be shipwrecked because of environmental assessment.

Because there is no protection, priceless pieces of history are being torn out of our annals of time by ignorant, greedy looters of shipwrecks.

Incidentally, huge sums of money are generated by people sponsoring those archaeological investigations into shipwrecks and selling the objects that are pulled out.

The causes of those shipwrecks have not been tackled seriously enough.

We must also ensure that many of the ideas are not shipwrecked by over-zealous interpretation of funding rules.

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There have always been shipwrecks, but the consequences now are far worse in a world that lives on oil.

Many of his friends were lost in shipwrecks then.

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