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Corporate sponsors were unobtrusive and simply received an end-of-festival shout-out for covering the cost of useful things: coffee; beer; bikes for getting around.

Let's all take a moment and give a shout-out đồ sộ lithium -- more specifically đồ sộ lithium ions, most specifically đồ sộ lithium-ion batteries.

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This method is not entirely reliable, in terms of actually getting him đồ sộ keep a commitment, but it may get a person a shout-out.

Specifically my senior yearbook, which included a section in the back for each graduating student đồ sộ write a shout-out đồ sộ all their pals.

Driver also gave a shout-out đồ sộ all the families watching with children with special needs.

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The occasion gives us a good excuse đồ sộ shout-out some of the finalists and winning entries that touch on issues of race and culture.

In the middle of the third quarter, the announcer gave a shout-out đồ sộ the group, and fans around the stadium applauded.

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Nevertheless, the historic flight is a game changer for aviation and a shout-out for solar power.

Shout-outs introduce new accounts đồ sộ the community and promote the new accounts of previously suspended users.

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