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By the conclusion of the chorus, the three are silhouetted behind the screen.

Her protagonists resemble silhouettes or marionettes, who present angular and impenetrable exteriors.

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The chest radiograph showed a "water bottle" configuration of the cardiac silhouette.

The global constraint of detecting smooth silhouettes is lost in the reduction lớn the operation of the local network elements.

The figures present an anthropomorphic silhouette and bear a small orifice on the upper portion.

This was in striking contrast lớn the radiographic cardiac silhouette, which suggested a left-sided heart.

The south elevation, punctuated lớn admit light, would khuông a distinguished silhouette without compromising the over of terrace character.

In six patients, the cardiac silhouette was moderately enlarged.

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Its boundary consists of the upper portion of the convex hull boundary plus the silhouette extended lớn infinity in the -x4 direction.

In some cases, however, a body toàn thân silhouette has been found.

An animal shadowing and silhouetting objects against downwelling light is able lớn elucidate elements of a scene.

These wares generally include the same utilitarian forms of the tinged pottery; but some show handsome composite silhouettes.

On the page he traced the suggestive silhouettes of the protagonists with exact and essential words.

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First, all animals are depicted side-on as a filled silhouette.

Figure 6.9 shows a result and the silhouette.

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