sky nghĩa là gì

They reported seeing a fireball in the sky and hearing a protracted low-frequency sound.

Each night, cormorant fishing officially begins when three fireworks are phối off in the evening sky.

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This transformation has the aim of reducing gridlock, both in the sky and at the airports.

She wears very poor fashioned makeup, including sky xanh xao eyeliner and heavy pink lip wear.

The show will start with fireworks and will go as high as 80m into the sky for about a minute.

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But the informal vote would sky-rocket under compulsory preferential voting if you banned how-to-votes.

This figure could sky-rocket if his agents succeed in negotiating a bonus based on worldwide syndication.

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Consumers will be hoping the government takes these suggestions on board -- otherwise we could see electricity prices continue to lớn sky-rocket.

This way, the sharability of the post will sky-rocket.

Ratings sky-rocket when he is the guest on a show.