solubility là gì

Solubility of axis cell walls differed from solubility of cotyledon cell walls.

The insolubility of dyes on "fast" attachment to tướng fiber was compared with diminishing solubility as double salts were formed.

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The solubility of hemoglobin in solutions of chlorides and sulfates of varying concentration.

The precise structure of natural melanin is not known, because of its poor solubility and its association with proteins and lipids.

Both of these evaporite minerals have a high solubility and can be readily precipitated, and as such they are ideal candidates for laboratory experiments.

Since oligomer solubilities fall by a factor of four to tướng five for each added unit, hydrolysis becomes increasingly less significant with size.

The extracellular matrix may also contain molecules with high solubility in aqueous medium.

The solubility of hydrophobic hydrocarbons in water as a function of temperature is one example.

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Proteins can be divided into different classes based on their biological properties, such as expression level, amino-acid composition, subcellular localization, solubility, and sánh on.

A method for determining the solubility of water in silicate melts.

In the jargon, relativism is true about food and solubility.

First, temperature is related to tướng the solubility of oxygen and inorganic compounds as well as to tướng the reaction rate of organic matter with chlorine.

It would be a mistake to tướng think of these as dispositional properties lượt thích solubility.

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Simultaneously, because gas solubility increases with decreasing temperature, the partial pressure ofcarbon dioxide decreases, although total nội dung does not change in the blood.

Compounds which possess a high degree of lipid (fat) solubility permeate the placenta readily.

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