sparkling là gì

The two became close, he proposed, and in 1920 they married, forming a sparkling duet on stage.

Its composition is floral - fruity with fresh sparkling top notes and creamy base.

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His writing is known for its sparkling language, where pain and joy are natural twins.

The ceiling was decorated by the pictures of sparkling flowers.

She was also borne of sparkling fresh water.

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Some additions lớn that legend say that when the firebird flies around, his eyes sparkle and pearls fall from his beak.

Without the third jewel, the two remaining jewels lost their magic sparkle.

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But lớn anyone who seeks it with sincere desire and true need, it reveals itself by its sudden sparkle, lượt thích that of dewdrops.

He's very proud about his country and can sparkle when he talks about it.

It is characterized as a fresh classic balanced fragrance which is described as light-hearted, sparkling, and sophisticated.