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Such tư vấn is particularly crucial for those with special needs, such as unaccompanied minors, who may have no other prospect of acquiring food.

No child in either group was reported lớn have special needs.

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These people have special needs in long-stay care.

Given their special needs, there may well be an argument for equivalent attention lớn, and facilities for, older people.

Both successful recording artists and young people with special needs make use of the same enabling technology lớn perform and compose.

Most important, young people with special needs are given access lớn youth cultures from which, traditionally, they have tended lớn be excluded.

Topics included epilepsy awareness training for school nurses, and transition planning at a school for young people with special needs.

Many participants received poor scores in the screener because they could not cope with the interface, which was not adapted for people with special needs.

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This lecture will focus on the special needs of these infants and toddlers and their parents.

Products with justifiable deviations from uniform standards, especially in supplies, reagents, and equipment needed by specialized units, are not purchased lớn fit users' special needs.

His work with children led lớn his doctoral research on the effects of music therapy with children with special needs.

The discourse of ' special needs ' and ' deprivation ' reinforces the power imbalance between researcher and the researched.

Prior lớn that, he holds, people were indifferent lớn the very existence of children, never mind their special needs.

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Two chapters focus on children with special needs, and are accounts of successful long-term residential, communityand family-based programmes.

The nội dung of these new norms depends on factual assumptions about the character of these special needs and vulnerabilities.

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