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Nor in fact does it satisfactorily khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the more circumscribed subject matter actually addressed in its pages.

Individuals involved in the subject matter or recently affected by it may be less objective.

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But theology's subject matter is by nature unobservable and unquantifiable !

Rather, it is a problem of subject matter.

The new names can be derived from the community of origin, the subject matter, or specific personages associated with the document.

By then his feeling for children's musicals had gone, and sentimental affairs was his new subject matter.

The juror has a unique interest in the subject matter.

To sum up: we should go for more clear-cut designs, but seek uniformity only if the subject matter allows it.

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The ideal is to tướng reach an equality, a synchronism between today's research and its subject matter.

However, market potential is not a necessary, much less a satisfactory, condition to tướng determining whether something comprises patentable subject matter.

The reclamation of the lost, buried, and hidden is the subject matter of archaeology.

I imagine that this would have been too daunting a task in view of the enormously broad subject matter.

She divides her subject matter into two main sections.

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The subject matter of the book is really sound propagation, and the many other parts of ocean acoustics are not covered.

These hidden structures change over the decades, and may vary, depending on the subject matter.

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