succulent là gì

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Bản dịch


mọng {danh} (trái cây)


ngon {danh} (trái cây)


bổ {danh} (trái cây)

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English Cách dùng "succulent" nhập một câu

They have reduced their pseudobulbs and instead, some species have thick succulent leaves.

Plants used for bedding are generally annuals, biennials or tender perennials; succulents are gaining in popularity.

The conservatory is trang chính to lớn a permanent collection which includes trees, cacti, succulents, tropical plants and orchids.

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They are simple, entire, half-terete or flat and slightly fleshy (succulent).

By the summer of 1945, however, its cactus and succulent house reopened, as did the tropical house.

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