sun nghĩa là gì

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Can I stay in the sun/go swimming/do sports/drink alcohol?

Tôi rất có thể ra phía bên ngoài nắng/đi bơi/chơi thể thao/uống rượu được không?

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to hold a candle vĩ đại the sun

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

At the equinox, the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west.

Herders use the position of the sun in the crown of the yurt as a sundial.

He failed vĩ đại tài khoản for the fact that the sun does not emit all visible wavelengths of light at the same intensity.

The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope.

Goalkeepers sometimes also wear caps vĩ đại prevent glare from the sun or floodlights affecting their performance.

The sun bear population is already seriously threatened by the loss of the rainforest, and they have lost their habitat due vĩ đại agricultural development.

The carcass they saw was the lower part of a sun bear that was cut into half with both its hind paws missing.

Sun bears are extremely strong animals and by no means tame.

They range from the large polar bear (males, or) vĩ đại the small sun bear (males, or) and from the endangered giant panda vĩ đại the very common Black bear.

There are no medicinal values of consuming sun bear parts.

The outdoor pool has a sun deck and uses filtered and chlorinated sea water.

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It boasts a guest bar on the sun deck as well as a multi-purpose section for accommodating overnight guests.

The width of the catamaran means the common areas -- the dining area, the lounge and the rooftop sun deck -- are particularly spacious.

Recordings were taken throughout the ship and found that the worst places for air pollution were the sun deck and jogging lane.

The aft section of the sun deck also functions as a touch and go helicopter pad.

It came with bucket seating, air conditioning, sun roof, and even a vinyl roof.

Anytime you leave your vehicle make sure that your doors, windows and sun roof are locked.

The sun roof design allows sunlight or cool air vĩ đại come vĩ đại your veranda.

Controls for the interior lighting and the sun roof or panoramic sun roof are mounted on the roof, near the interior rear-view mirror.

While riding in the xe taxi, look upward through the sun roof vĩ đại see the beautiful thành phố around you.

I mean, you're always beautiful, but right now you're the most beautiful, glowing, sun goddess ever.

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It is possible that this ritual is connected with the ritual vĩ đại revive the sun goddess during the low point of the winter solstice.

The heavenly progenitor founded it, and the sun goddess bequeathed it vĩ đại her descendants vĩ đại rule eternally.

The sun goddess is not a very nice lady.