sweater nghĩa là gì

The dress code required that boys wear a jacket and tie, or a sweater and tie.

Although objects lượt thích sweaters and tomatoes vì thế not have the property red, they vì thế possess the dispositional surrogate.

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Styles define subgroups of objects that are perceptually similar, such as aircraft tailfins, houses, coffee machines, sweaters, and landscape paintings.

It is often used lớn decorate clothing (t-shirts and sweaters especially), stationery goods, bags, food packages, and a host of other items.

The happy clerk bought the new sweater.

Product orders that come from outside the community - for example, for hand-knit sweaters - are met through the organization of family labor within the community by a local (male) entrepreneur.

There is only one way lớn meet sweating on the roads and that is by competing with the sweater.

My advice lớn ngân hàng managers who want lớn serve on juries is lớn wear sweaters and jeans.

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One, a constituent, spent the rest of the week in sweater and jeans serving on the jury.

We are called sweaters, and every sort of accusation is made against us.

He is the sweater who pays low wages.

There is no money lớn buy equipment, no money for sweaters or doctors' bills, no money for anything else.

Again, other garments are grouped together such as waistcoats, cardigans, jerseys, sweaters, pullovers, slip-overs and bedjackets.

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This woman is the kind that is exploited by the sweater.

I have no objection lớn them dealing with the sweaters.

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