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Can I stay in the sun/go swimming/do sports/drink alcohol?

Tôi rất có thể ra bên ngoài nắng/đi bơi/chơi thể thao/uống rượu được không?

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Horsehair worms can be discovered in damp areas such as watering troughs, swimming pools, streams, puddles, and cisterns.

During courtship, crocodilian males and females may rub against each other, circle around, and perform swimming displays.

A bowling club and associated golf course and public swimming pool also service locals and tourists.

Various leisure facilities, including a modern swimming complex and a purpose built gymnastic centre, have been built on land around the park.

It then begins đồ sộ repetitively deflate and inflate as the seal is swimming.

Women were not allowed đồ sộ swim, for it would be frowned upon as bad etiquette.

If disturbed, it can swim by clapping its valves together.

Visitors can view the whales from cliff top boardwalks and lookouts, with whales swimming almost directly below.

In the wild, it often grazes on the undersides of submerged branches and logs, and swimming upside down makes these areas more accessible.

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In this study, untrained adult female guppies swam with trained conspecifics đồ sộ feed and in the process learned the location of a food source.

The swimming pool is used again by residents.

The đoạn phim shows the band members playing at the swimming pool with a large number of visitors on holiday.

More additions, along with a major renovation took place in 1979, at which time a 25-meter swimming pool was added.

In the surrounding area there is also another school, a stables and a popular swimming pool.

Begun in the mid-1960s, it led initially đồ sộ the opening of the swimming pool and gymnasium and then đồ sộ a period of rapid expansion.

swimming pool

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