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Yet the political dimension of the popular has not really been much discussed in the symposium vĩ đại date.

In a culture where the pressure is vĩ đại provide evidence and solutions, this symposium offered the opportunity vĩ đại review the questions.

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The speakers at the symposium concentrated on alternative methods of thinking and doing rather than thở alternative modes of appearance.

Although the user and the architect can legitimately be defined as each other's counterparts, the symposium offered other ways of framing the issue.

At best, this is a nicely bound symposium proceedings written by some well-respected scientists.

The tư vấn received involving local arrangements, correspondence with participants, etc., was of great assistance vĩ đại the symposium organizers.

This symposium was called vĩ đại collect individuals together, who have made significant contributions vĩ đại their field of study, vĩ đại present and summarize their work.

Symposium of factors influencing the voluntary intake of herbage by ruminants: voluntary intake in relation vĩ đại chemical composition and digestibility.

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Based on a symposium in 1997 the authors were asked vĩ đại update their material and more recent essays were included.

This award will be given vĩ đại the best presenter of those abstracts selected for delivery in the main symposiums.

But these reflections did not constitute institutional or disciplinary influence, such as symposia, proceedings, and funding.

I was floored by the juxtaposition of the erudite symposium he had just attended with this disclosure.

I attended both symposia and found both those and the book extremely interesting.

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Today's symposium is a prime example of social interplay, interaction and engagement.

It is most heartening that even the most theoretical of papers in this symposium are working with actual implementations.

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