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Based on simulations, they observe that recombination together with synergistic or diminishing epistasis increases or decreases permissible mutation rates and genome sizes.

Test of synergistic interactions amongst deleterious mutations in bacteria.

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Early phonological behavior in normal-speaking and language disordered children : evidence for a synergistic view of linguistic disorders.

Synergistic interaction of spontaneous mutant polygenes controlling viability.

One possible explanation for this discrepancy is synergistic epistasis among the fitness effects of deleterious mutations.

If both species are capable of manipulation, they could both benefit from increased transmission success if their effects are synergistic.

We observe increasing synergistic progression of new tools and ideas between the inverse problem community and the 'imagers'.

It was observed experimentally that synergistic effects occur on combining both heating methods.

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Growers and extensionists conceptualize bio-diversification and attempts lớn capture synergistic benefits only within the context of monocultural, single commodity production practices.

There is a potential for synergistic action with chemotherapy lớn manifest as enhanced toxicity.

With weak migration, for recombination lớn increase also requires negative (synergistic) epistasis.

A simple model of the effect of synergistic epistasis on the inbreeding load is developed.

A synergistic analysis for sharing and groundness which traces linearity.

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Our initial results showed a synergistic effect between the resistive and ideal interchange instabilities.

Moreover, the case-by-case analysis will miss possible interaction (synergistic) and scale effects.

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