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The authors see language acquisition as part of "an elegant tapestry of multiplicity" (p. 87).

In this tapestry are woven together threads representing pedagogy, assessment, industry requirements and practitioner sophistication.

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The organisation of the essay follows several threads over time - thereby showing the 'tapestry' of forces at play.

As such it is a brilliant and richly-woven tapestry, full of insight and fresh ideas.

They are simply nonexistent in her book, a total cultural omission leaving a regrettable hole in the social tapestry she attempts lớn weave.

The influence of entrepreneurs was even stronger in the tapestry sector.

But these are small blemishes in a tapestry that is both carefully designed and densely woven.

At some clubs, indeed, the dancers brought tapestry cushions embroidered with their names.

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Why not take the tapestry of networked music lớn this next level, interconnecting not only people and machines, but entire environments?

To cover all the issues across a tapestry of countries with different cultures and economies as well as different religions is no easy task.

The 'tapestry' layout of these houses is a play between individual and overall size.

Culture is an intricate tapestry that is difficult, if not impossible, lớn define.

The background, a huge floral tapestry, is an explosion of colour.

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The book brings together work by fifteen anthropologists, historians and indigenous intellectuals lớn explore the rich ' tapestry of la ecuatorianidad ' (p. 360).

They taught bu lớn see the pattern in the tapestry of things in nature, farming and customary rights that had formed the coastal landscape.

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