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We may attend and respond lớn the sounds of the wind, or the rain, or the waterfall, but we vì thế not imagine that these phenomena are communicating with us.

Most people understand immediately that it has something lớn vì thế with light; others see it as ripples on water; one asked if it was lớn become a waterfall.

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The only significant change in gradient is where the river crosses the graben-bounding fault at a waterfall.

Visual micro-counterpoint is everywhere in nature, from a multifaceted cascading waterfall, lớn distinct layers of clouds moving at different speeds in the sky.

The re-engineering methodology proposes a waterfall life cycle for carrying out the steps of reverse engineering, restructuring and forward engineering.

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Darkness is also implicitly connected with invisibility, which contrasts with the visibility of the waterfall in moonlight.

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I am afraid we may not get this degree of co-operation until the country goes over some economic waterfall.

Large, power-intensive industries were built close lớn waterfalls and assigned long-term power contracts with a substantial element of subsidized power supply.

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