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The original meetinghouse no longer stands but its site is marked by a granite obelisk.

In one of the remaining patios, there is an obelisk that records the three institutions of learning that have been housed at the site.

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The first part of the obelisk would be 40 ft (12 m) and 10ft m high.

The monument consists of a 117.7m obelisk on a 45m square platform at a height of 17m, the goblet yard.

The listing designation includes the parapets, lamps, obelisks and the approach walls.

Troops then sealed off the area around the pagoda, attempting to lớn prevent the monks from making further protests.

The pagoda is built on a south-west axis and has four principal zones.

The straight ribbon mount was adorned with a bronze decoration resembling the top of a pagoda.

With the birth of new sects in later centuries, the pagoda lost importance and was consequently relegated to lớn the margins of the "garan".

Those on the southern and eastern sides are the most popular entrances to lớn the pagoda.

From bookstores and landscaping to lớn tin nhắn and finances, the ivory tower is turning to lớn the private sector to lớn stay in business.

But the selectors appear to lớn living in an ivory tower.

She didn't tự this from the ivory tower of a cushy office, but from the street.

The concept, long bandied about in the ivory tower, is coming to lớn the streets.

The ruling buổi tiệc nhỏ elite is also living in a double layered ivory tower.

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The friary church is a long, rectangular building with a central bell-tower.

The orthodox parish took a church above the gates with surrounding quarters, a bell-tower and a western part of the temple.

The church has a small bell-tower at the west kết thúc of the nave with two bells, and was repaired and a gallery erected in 1840.

The two-storey rectangular bell-tower includes footers, cornerstones, frames, corners and pinnacles in masonry.

The wall, monastic cells, and bell-tower all date from the 17th century.

Following the kết thúc of the war the steeple was removed and the church rebuilt, retaining the tower and north and south walls.

The shorter of the two steeples remains as a memorial to lớn the original structure.

The steeple stands at the east and earlier formed the quire.

This octagonal-shaped pagoda is roughly 50 m (164 ft) tall, with elaborate ornamental carvings, thirteen tiers of eaves, and a small steeple.

The main entrance is topped by a small octagonal bell chamber mounted on a square base; there is no steeple.

He photographs coal mines and motocross parks, oil derricks and natural gas fields, highways and trailer parks.

The chain stores give way to lớn a smattering of bobbing oil derricks, the horizon-line pocked with the flickering lights of gas flares.

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Iris is creating systems that detect and avoid stationary objects from mountains and trees to lớn power lines and oil derricks, but also mobile threats such as planes and other drones.

Oil derricks sprouted on the hilltop within easy view of the harbor, on narrow town lots intended originally for houses.

The fire started after a blowout occurred, causing crude oil to lớn make liên hệ with the flames that powered the oil derrick.