timeframe là gì

Failure to tát select an appropriate time frame between exposure and disease.

At the outset of the interview it is important to tát establish its purpose, and with older children a time frame.

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The change in cataphora nears completion towards the over of the time frame, whereas the development in anaphora is considerably slower.

The rural population actually declined in absolute numbers in the same time frame.

Nor is the time frame necessarily obvious for the atrophy of cortical overabundance based on relaxed selection, in our view.

Both composers were able to tát complete the task within the time frame, although differences in craftsmanship and compositional development led to tát differences in time use.

Bearing in mind that time frame, and the electorate's probable criteria, there are two possible routes to tát electoral satisfaction.

The reason for the exclusionary policies must, therefore, be sought in secular events closer to tát the time frame of the guilds' exclusionary manoeuvres.

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But lượt thích the futilityspotters, we have chosen our own time frame.

Nevertheless, there are differences, not only with respect to tát the time frame used during measurement, but also conceptually.

Indeed, peer exclusion predicted significantly steeper growth in depressive symptoms across this time frame for boys who were high in social anxiety.

In addition, the time frame within which victimization was measured for this study was 1 year.

Their history was heterotemporal, with more than thở one time frame at play.

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The time frame remains the same, ending in 1958.

The author's observations of the site cover the time frame from 1989 to tát 1993.

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