track record là gì

Determining this threshold is a matter of clinical judgment based on clinical relevance and the track record of previous agents, if available.

Choose components of the wall system that have a track record of successful use in similar wall designs and which are durable.

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Nevertheless, steam power also had a proven track record in the drainage of mines and had been shown to lớn be safe and efficient.

The brothers' attitudes toward institutions could be quite instrumental, a point vindicated by the institutional track record of the two protagonists.

This attitude of ours is a khuông of "scientism" we think licensed by the track record of the scientific disciplines and institutions.

Yet even here the track record is uncertain.

Key staff members had a long track record of commitment to lớn social justice goals.

In general our architects stressed their track record of building output in their marketing material.

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Increasingly, applied research underpins innovative practice, and practitioners seek out consultants with a track record in research to lớn strengthen their design teams.

However, we might feel that the historical track record has been performed on only a sub-set of systems of interest to lớn us in the future.

The preferred institutional solution for such situations, the introduction of consociational institutions, has a mixed track record.

Many such companies have no track record and some barely have staff and offices, but they are landing important business opportunities. 47.

The known track record of adolescents doing poorly on dialysis would be a concern, but then so sánh is the loss of a scarce resource.

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This is especially characteristic of those states with the longest track record of stable, competitive processes.

Widely recognized as a person who could envision great things, he also had a proven track record in transforming his dreams into reality.

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