trade fair là gì

The organisation of the trade fair is complicated.

A commercial publicity tư vấn package is available to tướng companies participating in an overseas trade fair, exhibition or outward mission.

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They feel that more should be done to tướng make it possible to tướng hold a trade fair at trang chủ.

There is a difference between an exhibition and a trade fair where it is possible to tướng give an estimate of the business done.

This will consist of 17 trade missions, 30 trade fair groups and eight sector-specific seminar initiatives during the year.

That is as may be, but they can vì thế much to tướng make trade fair.

In addition, 770 textiles, clothing and footwear companies benefited from trade fair tư vấn last year.

We must vì thế all that we can to tướng make trade fair, to tướng tư vấn debt relief and to tướng secure aid to tướng the poorest.

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Direct commercial contacts were the responsibility of the companies which took part in the trade mission, or exhibited at the trade fair.

This comprised a trade fair supported by cultural and heritage displays.

For example, much of the detailed operation of the trade fair and mission programmes is handled by chambers of commerce and trade associations.

I think the trade will have many new problems with which to tướng khuyễn mãi giảm giá, particularly before their big trade fair, which is about to tướng take place.

People said that it was better than thở anything they had seen at any other trade fair.

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There is a proposal to tướng nominate some other major đô thị to tướng hold an international trade fair.

This is an exhibition designed to tướng interest the general public, and not a trade fair.

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