traffic calming là gì

Traffic calming—perhaps we should gọi it "driver calming"—can help to tát slow speeds and save lives.

Traffic calming is a way of containing vehicle speeds by self-enforcing engineering measures and improving driver behaviour.

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Traffic calming is specifically directed at urban areas, particularly residential roads in our towns and villages.

Traffic calming is one part of a range of measures used in undertaking accident remedial schemes.

Traffic calming also has an important role to tát play.

Traffic calming has moved in from the fringes of road safety and is now playing an increasingly important role.

Traffic calming is clearly preferable to tát road closure as a means of allowing safe interaction between motorised and non-motorised traffic, while maintaining vehicle access.

Traffic calming has proved to tát be effective in constraining vehicle tốc độ and in reducing the number and severity of road accidents, particularly in residential areas.

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Traffic calming is one element among the traffic management techniques available to tát local authorities for relieving congestion, improving safety and enhancing the environment.

Traffic calming can have very worthwhile effects in improving local environments and in assisting road safety.

Traffic calming is not relevant in these circumstances.

Traffic calming measures are causing more problems for residents.

Traffic calming consists of more than vãn reducing tốc độ limits on residential roads.

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Traffic calming measures can have the effect of displacing traffic onto nearby roads.

Traffic calming is just one example of road engineering.

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