tuition fees là gì

Socio-economic background was measured using information on the means-tested parental contribution to tát students' living costs and tuition fees.

Tuition fees as well as the cost of board and lodging are all miễn phí to tát participating quartets.

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At present, the vast majority of student radiographers are exempt from paying tuition fees.

This would also comfort their parents in terms of the curriculum and tuition fees.

In this light, while tuition fees steadily go up, to tát send children to tát school is not a more persuasive option.

The maximum grant will rise to tát £1,500 in 2005/06, and then again to tát £2,700 in 2006/07 when variable tuition fees are charged.

Only eighteen to tát twenty students are accepted per year, out of some twelve hundred applicants, and tuition fees were $24,330 last year.

Private institutions depend on tuition fees, sponsors and philanthropy.

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One issue on which our collaborators could not exert much influence was student tuition fees, which are usually mix by the university's higher administration.

In some cases, the employer reimbursed the tuition fees or partially covered the travel expenses.

Yet meeting the supplementary financial demand out of general taxation is politically unpopular: hence the introduction and inexorable rise in student tuition fees in several states.

All tuition fees from medical students will be available to tát the medical school at which they are enrolled.

The proposals for means-tested tuition fees fail all the tests, and they are profoundly wrong in principle.

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How the collection of tuition fees is to tát be managed and by whom; and what estimate he has made of the cost.

The introduction of tuition fees marks a potentially important step in that direction.

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