tuning là gì

Almost everyone has given it a chance by tuning in at least once.

But of course, as we will point out later, empathy is first about tuning in đồ sộ self.

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Somehow, my child makes it through every night without má tuning in.

There are ten strings with a very unique tuning.

This will introduce you đồ sộ the gameplay, how tuning works etc.

The headstock (1) contains the metal machine heads (1.1), which use worm gear for tuning.

It was a sentimental tune and the lyrics choked má up.

This change was made mainly đồ sộ improve tuning stability.

It consists of eight variations on a folk tune melody first played on the solo viola.

The carburetors usually feature 2 needles used đồ sộ tune the mixture.

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He hits the tuning fork, puts it down on one of the strings and then plays the key, trying đồ sộ match the two sounds.

We're vibrating lượt thích a tuning fork -- we send out a vibration đồ sộ other people.

One of things we landed on early was this idea of a tuning fork -- a twin tower kind of look.

So, when a piano is tuned, a tuning fork is struck, and then brought close đồ sộ the piano string that carries that same musical tone.

On the other side of the room he placed another tuning fork, and another tube, running up đồ sộ the subject's other ear.

Companies need đồ sộ be in tune with their wider supply chain ví as not đồ sộ hedge at the wrong time or for too long.

Our focus is ví often on external sources that we can miss the signals and not be in tune with what is going on.

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Some of them sound foolish and others in trying đồ sộ be in tune with the times look pretentious.

Education must be in tune with the changing needs of the society and make the students skilful and employable.

We need đồ sộ be in tune with what is happening internationally.