underestimate là gì

Although forecasted salary growth rates and deferred compensation appear vĩ đại be underestimated, forecasted salaries demonstrate little bias for lower-paid public employees.

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Firstly, passive surveillance generally identifies disease serious enough vĩ đại warrant seeking medical attention, and thus underestimates overall morbidity in the community.

I have argued that constitutional patriotism underestimates (and sometimes misunderstands) the role of particularist political cultures in grounding universalistic principles of democracy and justice.

Summing overestimates and averaging underestimates the number of different words produced.

While the resources, capabilities and resilience of older people should not be underestimated, individual resources alone are generally insufficient.

What has been underestimated in this tradition is the transformational capacities people bring vĩ đại their meanings.

Otherwise, it underestimates the profit by assuming a negative l2, whereas the true value is zero.

The state may not dictate everyday life, but its importance should never be underestimated.

Likewise, because some guests may not have reported their illness, we may have underestimated the attack rate among guests.

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We postulated that the current voluntary reporting system considerably underestimates the number of listeriosis cases.

The power of informal judicial pressure - together with the ominous threat of imprisonment, suspension, and possible deprivation - should not be underestimated.

Note that population sizes towards the kết thúc of the study periods are underestimated by this method.

The significance of under standing turbulence can not be underestimated as it endanger s the stability and confinement of the fusion plasma.

Treating independents in this fashion leads vĩ đại underestimating volatility.

Nevertheless, the importance of such a declaration should not be underestimated.

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