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Well done on getting into University. Have a great time!

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1991 - 1995 / Seattle University / Seattle, WA
Bachelor of Business Administration

1991 - 1995 / Đại học Seattle / Seattle, WA
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Does the university guarantee accommodation as well?

Trường đại học sở hữu đáp ứng địa điểm ở không?

Does the university guarantee accommodation as well?

expand_more Trường đại học sở hữu đáp ứng địa điểm ở không?

I would lượt thích to tát study at your university for ___________.

Tôi mong muốn được học tập bên trên trường đại học của chúng ta trong_________.

What are the entry requirements of the university?

Những đòi hỏi nguồn vào của trường đại học là gì?

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The whole universe got excited due to tát this sự kiện.

Another fine novel mix in one of my favorite created universes.

Animals are also a part of this eternal universe.

The film takes a four-dimensionalists view of the nature and existence of life in the universe.

In this universe, the fusion of organic and non organic material is an everyday thing.

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Teach her never to tát universalize her own standards or experiences.

The intent to tát universalize secondary education by 2017 is welcome.

Was it a bid to tát better "universalize" an artistic creation by withholding the real man's name and the precise circumstances of his death?

Founded in 1964, the consortium facilitates the processing of course cross-registration between all thành viên universities and universalizes library access among some of its thành viên universities.

This necessitates practical self-reflection in which we universalize our reasons.

This theory defines a universal and fundamental substance, which is the source of all physical existence.

His machine shows how it is logically possible, by using a universal constructor, but does not show how it is possible in practice.

In countries that have a universal health care system, health inequalities have been reduced.

Compulsory education needs to tát be universal for all children regardless of their social class, gender, or ethnic group.

Many cultures have different expectations based on gender, but there is no universal standard to tát a masculine or feminine role across all cultures.

Not all universities offer degrees named exactly the same, even if they have similar academic and professional effects.

It is freely available on the university's campuses and on-line.

It is an sự kiện open to tát everybody, focused to tát several sectors of the catalan community: university, enterprise, final users and general public.

At my university, the implementation of a complicated new computer system was by all accounts badly bungled.

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With deemed university status, the institute awards degrees in its own right.



  • cosmopolitan
  • ecumenical
  • general
  • linguistic universal
  • oecumenical
  • universal joint
  • universal proposition
  • world-wide
  • worldwide