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Relationship between face wants and the four phases of unsolicited selling activities.

Their fate emphasizes not only the insignificance of human resistance vĩ đại the struggle, but also the latent power of unsolicited natural selection.

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Audience members, those waiting vĩ đại present their own tales of woe, listen avidly, sometimes expressing sympathy or offering unsolicited suggestions.

A proposed solution for addressing the challenge of patient cries for help through an analysis of unsolicited electronic mail.

While musical skills were desirable, the unsolicited public singing of songs by the aristocracy was unbefitting persons of rank and likely vĩ đại erode social distinctions.

The priorities of an overwhelmingly rural economy are evident in numerous unsolicited justifications for cutting timber.

Alternatively, unsolicited material may be justified on the basis that it has a significant bearing on the overarching subject at hand.

Although unsolicited giving varies substantially, direct appeals for food, when not excessive, are rarely denied cross-culturally, although the levels of direct requests tự vary.

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Readers should keep in mind that unsolicited reviews or book notes are rarely accepted.

This approaching phase of selling deviates from ordinary unsolicited sales encounters in that ordinary sales agents cannot utilize intimacy or personal knowledge about their customers.

Unsolicited occurrences in the comparative specimen translation (which cannot therefore be compared across all localities) are dealt with separately below.

The inclusion of unsolicited explanations and justifications was by no means standard practice.

This explanation would ground a duty that biological parents owe vĩ đại others vĩ đại prevent their having vĩ đại bear unsolicited financial expense.

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She explained that the proactive approaches by staff could be uncomfortable for some customers because not all individuals welcomed unsolicited questions and comments.

Editorials are written on invitation but unsolicited articles ofapproximately 1,500 words which may have particular topical interest will be welcomed for consideration.

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