up and coming là gì

It was a way for young, up-and-coming performers to lớn showcase their work and develop a following and a reputation. 18.

He has a good network that gives him a good feel on what is an up-and-coming topic.

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He had greatly impressed his teachers, not least by completing a formidable treatise of logic almost without supervision, and was highly regarded as an up-and-coming philosopher.

To this over we require an up-and-coming generation of researchers capable of competing on an international level.

At the time, that was a way of affording a new, up-and-coming, yet economically still weak size of international transport a chance of survival.

Also, more and more of the up-and-coming entrepreneurs of this country are leaving it, because they see no reason for staying here.

I am sure that, even today, up-and-coming undergraduates generally still vì thế not think of industry as the right place for them.

To má it is the key factor at the moment on the industrial scene that up-and-coming people are faced with high interest.

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It is especially important that the success of young up-and-coming musicians and performers is not jeopardised by piracy.

We must not forget that technological education is vital for the up-and-coming generation.

Accordingly, up-and-coming enterprises in the small and medium-sized business sector must be strongly incentivised.

This brings má to lớn the question of the safety aspect in these up-and-coming nuclear power stations.

They even buy them to lớn encourage up-and-coming artists.

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It follows that many up-and-coming companies will rightly regard the maintenance of the dividend as a matter of prime importance.

I think it is true that with those who are now attending arts faculties of universities the real up-and-coming subject is sociology.

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