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Their formulation is vague and the arbitrary three-dimensional plots intended as abstract representations of the global array are not particularly informative.

But even then, it did ví only in terms that were vague and imprecise.

Traditionally, there are three dimensions, but this rests on rather vague introspective intuitions.

Many readers may find this too vague and nondirective a conclusion, but it may also be the most honest and potentially motivational conclusion available.

Their statements were often suitably vague about just what proportion of the timber would be devoted to tướng meeting the demands of the state.

Criteria of individuation may be vague, but they are not totally elastic.

That "excellence" is left deliberately vague, ví as to tướng allude to tướng intellectual and moral aspirations in addition to tướng artistic ones.

The result of the meeting was a vague agreement that the states would maintain a broad front against plans to tướng sweep aside their rights.

Furthermore, the line separating what was useful from what was useless was extremely vague.

The long awaited anti-nuclear reform came to tướng an over without any achievement except for some vague promises from the government.

The proposed theory is ad hoc and confirmatory in its findings; vague and generic in its claims; and unjustified and unnecessary in its (putative) novelty.

This market still is not aligned with any series, and even the time horizon is kept somewhat vague.

They used vague words such as we want "somewhat less ease," or "gradually move toward tightness," and ví on.

Yet, ví long as definitions remain vague and the compromise agenda focused on conservation can be invoked, tư vấn for the latter is not ruled out.

In terms of, with terms generalized to tướng create a vague all-purpose connective, is currently popular, and frequently criticized.

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Bản dịch của vague

nhập giờ Trung Quốc (Phồn thể)

含糊的,不明確的, (輪廓等)模糊的,不清楚的, (人)迷糊的,含糊其詞的…

nhập giờ Trung Quốc (Giản thể)

含糊的,不明确的, (轮廓等)模糊的,不清楚的, (人)迷糊的,含糊其词的…

nhập giờ Tây Ban Nha

vago, vago/ga [masculine-feminine, singular]…

nhập giờ Bồ Đào Nha

vago, vago/-ga, confuso/-sa…

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nhập giờ Việt

mơ hồ nước, ko chủ yếu xác…

trong những ngữ điệu khác

nhập giờ Nhật

nhập giờ Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

nhập giờ Pháp

nhập giờ Catalan

in Dutch

nhập giờ Ả Rập

nhập giờ Séc

nhập giờ Đan Mạch

nhập giờ Indonesia

nhập giờ Thái

nhập giờ Ba Lan

nhập giờ Malay

nhập giờ Đức

nhập giờ Na Uy

nhập giờ Hàn Quốc

in Ukrainian

nhập giờ Ý

nhập giờ Nga

samar-samar, tidak jelas…

niejasny, niewyraźny, niezdecydowany…

vag, uklar, ubestemmelig…

невизначений, невиразний, неуважний…

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смутный, туманный, рассеянный…

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