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Since the vast majority of protocols involve rats and mice, the vet should have expertise with these species and other common laboratory animal species.

Policy originated with the vets, but their claims to tát authority, based on professional expertise, were initially weak and carried little institutional weight.

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As everyday art, the photomontage was mediated and vetted by the interests and aesthetics of a corporation.

It both challenged and advanced the vets' case for intervention.

However, while permanent immunity was certain, the procedure itself was ' costly, clumsy, heartbreaking and dangerous ', as one vet put it.

Opponents of the separation of agricultural and veterinary functions saw the proper professional sphere of the vet as limited to tát the diseases of animals.

As a result, prospective candidates for membership of these churches had to tát be vetted carefully.

These were middle-class images and middle-class voices (even publications that included laborers' letters were generally vetted by middle-class editors).

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In retrospect this vetting process should have been included in the original trial plan.

One participant even wanted to tát take her pet hamsters to tát the vet to tát find out why they hadn't mated.

They vetted newcomers before accepting them as members of the refugee churches and kept registers of immigrant numbers, which were regularly checked by the magistrates.

Varying proposals should be vetted, with their strengths and limitations discussed.

Allowances are applied for by village heads on behalf of poor elders and are vetted by municipal welfare offices.

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Beginning in early 1885, the sultan impaneled a series of commissions and charged them with vetting the curriculum inherited from the preceding regime.

To incorporate additional information, patent holders could obtain a value estimate from internally derived estimates that are vetted by an external expert.

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