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The aniline blues and violets were next reviewed, followed by the green shades.

There are no violets or blues and the natural colours are in the warm range.

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Convenient and effective dyes for introducing into water flows include potassium permanganate, gentian violet, and methyl xanh xao.

An adjoining series was stained with cresyl violet.

The brain was extracted, cut in serial sections (each 30 mm) in the coronal plane, and stained with cresyl violet.

Individual sections were stained for cell toàn thân (cresyl violet) and myelin.

Adjacent series of sections were stained with cresyl violet or reacted for acetylcholinesterase histochemistry for the identification of cytoarchitectonic bounderies.

Adjacent sections were mounted and stained with 0.1% cresyl violet for histological identification.

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Sagittal sections were taken every 60 milimet with a freezing microtome; sections were mounted and stained with cresyl violet.

The violet over of the spectrum is refracted most.

Red light has a lower frequency than thở violet light.

After partially drying and adhering to lớn the glass, a solution of 0.1% cresyl violet was dripped over the retina to lớn stain the ganglion cells.

Using cresyl violet and methylene xanh xao staining, a prominent central area was observed in the ventral temporal retina.

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At intensities equivalent to lớn or higher than thở the control wavelength, ultra-violet light was more attractive than thở blue-green.

Cockerels, cowslips and violets are disappearing from many people's lives.

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