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The need for autonomy does not seem to tướng feature too prominently in their wish list for actions of the state.

Having outlined our methodological wish list and defined our key independent variables, we turn to tướng a brief discussion of our dependent variables.

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In conclusion, we might return briefly to tướng the wish list.

Nine out of ten men put having a regular source of income at the top of their wish list.

Viable rurality is not simply something on a political wish list but has to tướng reflect the prevailing group and organizational structures and the understandings.

Stimulating though many of his suggestions are, in the over they amount to tướng not much more than thở the wish list of a retired bureaucrat.

In such suitably circumscribed settings, a carefully and modestly selected phối of indicators (not yet another "comprehensive" yet unfeasible wish list) could be created.

In the former case, one has a 'wish list' where the intent is that one way or another the highest-ranked rules be applied.

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This must not just be a wish list.

These positions turn any positive elements which the resolution contains into nothing more than thở a wish list.

This is the minimum required to tướng stop all the restrictions from sounding lượt thích a wish list.

It is increasingly resembling a hotchpotch: everyone has a say and makes proposals, which leaves us ultimately with a kind of wish list.

But we are afraid that, yet again, they are no more than thở a wish list.

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It is really a wish list rather than thở a plan.

No one could desire a more worthy wish list.

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